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Is this the OnePlus One running Windows 10?

Is this the OnePlus One running Windows 10?

A strange version of Windows loaded on OnePlus One

After seeing Xiaomi Mi 4 and ZTE Nubia Z9 running Windows, yet another high-end smartphone leaked online, this time running an operating system which looks like a third party Windows ROM.
We know that OnePlus One can run either CyanogenMod or OxygenOS after flashing a custom ROM, but installing Windows hasn’t been possible until now.

If this image is real and not photoshopped, we may be looking at the second Android device (after Xiaomi Mi 4) that could be able to boot Windows 10 through a special ROM. It is interesting to notice that this possible OnePlus One has Microsoft and Google apps at the same time and the platform is Windows, not Android.

OnePlus one Windows 10

By offering users an alternative way to install and experience Windows 10 on a smartphone, Microsoft may has found a clever new strategy to fight Google and improve its presence in China and beyond.

Since the authenticity of this image showing OnePlus One running Windows has not been confirmed by another source, you’d better take it with a grain of salt.

Source: @leaksfly