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Leak: HTC W8 to include Duo cameras and Boom Sound

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Earlier this spring @evleaks announced that HTC was preparing a high-end smartphone for Verizon that would run Windows Phone 8.1. Now, the phone named HTC W8 has appeared again with more details provided by the same source.

HTC W8 is said to come in the third quarter of the year, having high-end specs but mid-range pricing. The phone will be based on the rumored HTC A9 – a Smartphone with top specs, Duo cameras and Boom Sound. It appears that we won’t get a Windows Phone version of the HTC One M8 as it was rumored earlier. The good news is that the Taiwanese company will finally bring top features to Windows Phone, so we can have a real high-end smartphone from HTC. Boom Sound provides better audio, while Duo cameras allow you to take almost DSLR-like photos. According to Taiwanese sources, HTC A9 and HTC W8 will be launched in July and their prices will be very competitive.

Unfortunately, there is no press render of HTC W8 Windows Phone but we expect more details to surface soon. Would you consider buying a high-end device from HTC? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.