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Is your company prepared to handle a mobile security breach?

Is your company prepared to handle a mobile security breach?

One of the biggest threats your company can face is an information breach. Passwords, logins, and other sensitive information can easily end up in wrong hands if you don’t have certain protections in place. Keep your data safe and secure with these tips:

Assess Your Device’s Vulnerabilities

What technology do you use to run your business? Take a solid look at the tools you employ to handle confidential data, and detect any weaknesses that would make them vulnerable to potential attackers. Hackers use malware to obtain information through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ports as well, so phishing emails aren’t the only threat to your business.

Are all of your connections data encrypted? Do you operate your business on a secure server? Is it easy for outside sources to use your networks? Make it harder for potential attackers to crack your data by reinforcing the connections you use on a regular basis.

Are All of Your Company’s Devices Protected by Anti-Virus Software?

This is a big one, but you’d be surprised how often it is overlooked. Also, make sure everyone in the company is on the same page about which software you are using. Attackers often send viruses in the form of anti-malware updates, targeting unsuspecting users who believe that this is just another routine message from their existing anti-virus product.

Send regular memos to your staff and partners to make sure everyone knows not to open these files, and notify them about any changes you plan to make to the anti-virus software.

Guard Against Public Network Connections

One of the most common ways that attackers infiltrate mobile devices is through public Wi-Fi networks. These are called MITM (or Man In The Middle) attacks, and they obtain information directly from the compromised network connection.

An easy way to protect your data is to require a password or authorization before allowing your device to hop on to an unknown or public network. Ensure that your devices have safeguards against unprotected connections by setting your permissions to block potential attackers, and keep your information safe in the process.

Secure ALL Company Devices

Mobile phones aren’t the only devices that are subject to attack. Tablets, laptops, and even smartwatches can be compromised by malicious files and hackers. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure that all mobile devices you use for your business are protected with security and endpoint management. This includes everything from remote access to content management. Purchasing a comprehensive protection package can save you thousands (or even millions) per year in lost revenue due to a security breach.

In the ever-advancing world of mobile technology, the looming threat of a security breach is growing more and more each day. While mobile tools are primarily used for convenience and accessibility, extra safeguards must be put into place to protect your company’s data and information. Conduct a safety audit and determine any weaknesses in your devices or systems that might be leaving you and your business open to a damaging security breach.