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Is Microsoft changing the update process of Windows Phone?

Is Microsoft changing the update process of Windows Phone

There are rumors that Microsoft intends to change the update process from GDR2 on. It`s true that the update process of the Windows Phone platform is still confusing and disappointing for many users. According to a new report, it seems that this situation will change. But the changes are wet to materialize and it is not clear whether they are for good or bad.

According to WPDang, Microsoft will change the updating process after the GDR2 update is released. The updates will be sent by Microsoft firstly to the manufacturers which will add their own firmware and updates.  Afterwards, the manufacturers will send the final updates to the customers. In other words, Microsoft is passing on more control to the manufacturers. Heretofore, Microsoft used to have an entire control over the update process, from creating the OS update, throughout the creation of the manufacturer firmware to the update release. Because of this reason some customers used to wait some time for the latest version of the operating system. And now it seems that the delivery of the final version of the update falls on the manufacturers. However, does it mean that the customers will get their updates more quickly? This remains to be seen.

This poses the risk the updates made by the manufacturers directly involved in developing the operating system (currently Nokia) to reach the customers quicker than those made by the other manufacturers. For example, the Android users have been facing this issue since the emergence of the platform and we hope Microsoft has taken a lesson from it.

Source: WPDang via windowsphonedaily