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Internet Explorer rendering improvements with Update 1

Internet Explorer rendering improvements with Update 1

Microsoft has finally recognized that Internet Explorer and its web standards are not dominant for mobile users so the company is updating Internet Explorer 11 with webkit engine support which will lead to a much better user experience. Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 will bring improved Internet Browser so more than 40% of the top 500 sites will render correctly on Windows Phones – these websites were designed for webkit and iPhone thus they are not displayed correctly on Windows Phones.

Twitter, Baidu, Google sites, The New York Times and many others will render properly after GDR1 (Update 1) for Windows Phone 8.1 which is rolling out to Developers next week. Microsoft has improved IE11 by adding better support for sites developed for the webkit engine and designed for iPhones, so all Windows Phone users will see correctly rendered and fully optimized mobile sites when using the updated Internet Explorer 11. You can see the difference below – before and after GDR1 update.

IE11 mobile rendering

More than 40% of the 500 most popular websites will benefit from the changes so Windows Phone users shouldn’t complain anymore about sites not rendering correctly in the mobile browser.

Source: IEBlog