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Internet Explorer 11: what’s new

Internet Explorer 11: what’s new

The official Windows Phone 8.1 update is just around the corner offering tons of new features and improvements. As a part of this update, Microsoft announces new Internet Explorer version 11, bringing significant improvements in the browsing experience.

What’s New in IE11 for Windows Phone 8.1:

–          Frequent sites – When you tap on the address bar you will see the most visited sites, which are displayed just above the bar. The list with frequent sites is updated periodically, based on your browsing history.

–          URL predictions – IE11 predicts the website you want to open so you just need to tap enter instead of typing the whole address.

ie11 windows phone 8.1 frequent sites

–          Unlimited tabs – While the previous version allowed up to 6 tabs, IE11 for Windows Phone 8.1 has no limitation in the number of tabs. Moreover, browser tabs are now easily accessible, by tapping on the button next to the address bar.

–          Refresh button – It is now easily accessible from the address bar.

–          Other pivot – IE11 syncs across devices so ‘Other’ shows your favorites, passwords, history and tabs.

–          Live pinned sites – Websites can be pinned on the start screen, so their dynamic tiles will show headlines, images, etc.

–          In-line video playback – YouTube videos and comments within the browser

–          Reading View – This feature makes a website more pleasant for the eyes, by removing clutter and stitching all pages together

Internet explorer Reading view

–          Remembering passwords + sync

–          Swipe to go back / forward – now returns to IE11

–          Save files – users can choose whether to save or open a file

–          InPrivate browsing – You can open a Private tab which deletes all associated data once you close it

–          High Savings Mode – it saves up to 40% of the data without difference in quality and browsing experience.