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Intel possibly leaked the Surface Book 2

Surface Book 2

Promo video shows a Surface Book in black

Microsoft’s Surface Book is already two years old, so the company may be working on a successor. In a new video ad, unveiling the 8th generation Intel Core processors, the company shows some of the new features on a black version of the Surface Book.

Is that the Surface Book 2 or it’s just an imaginary device for advertising purposes?

Microsoft will definitely refresh the Surface Book with new processors sometime in the future, possibly refining its design – like the gap between the keyboard and the display when folded.

The current top-end model, the Performance Base, has the same processor as the original model from 2015, which is not in line with the steep price of the notebook – up to $3300, depending on the configuration.

Microsoft previously revealed its major products in October, so there is a chance that we will see the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Studio 2 at the end of this year.