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INSTEON home automation kits available at Microsoft Stores

INSTEON home automation kits

Microsoft and Insteon announced a partnership in May with a promise to bring INSTEON support for Windows devices – PCs and Phones. Online and physical Microsoft Stores now have INSTEON home automation products in stock and these products are sold exclusively by Microsoft.

Microsoft Stores are now selling three kits with each of them controlling a large number of home devices such as sensors, thermostats, Wi-FI, cameras, light bulbs and more.

‘Starter Kit’ is $199, ‘Home Kit’ costs $299, while the most expensive product – ‘Business Kit’ is $499, offering more controls and additional sensor support.

With INSTEON products users can control their homes on the go – watch Wi-FI cameras, turn on/off light, change temperature, set home appliances on or off, turn on air conditioner just before they get back home and more.

INSTEON home screens

All three kits come with some exclusive extra features: ‘Visitor mode’ restricts guest or children from accessing INSTEON home automation kit; Live Tiles can be pinned on the Start Screen of Windows Phone and Windows 8 PC; You can watch multiply cameras at the same time or a single camera in full screen; Multi-house support from a single account – access all houses from your main account; Dashboard view of your home; and more…

Read More about Home Automation for Windows Devices at INSTEON’s home page.