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Instagram no longer supports Windows 10 Mobile [Updated]

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Windows Phone Area

The app goes missing from the Store for Windows Phones

4/17/2018 [Update]: The app is back in the Store with a new update. Read more >>> link

After an update of the UWP app in the Store, Instagram ditches support for Windows 10 Mobile. The app has been available for the mobile platform from late 2015, but now, two and a half years later, the company sees no reason to keep its applications for Windows Phones. Instagram on Mobile will remain active in the foreseeable future, but you won’t be able to install it after a hard reset, as the store description now only shows support for PC.

Instagram will continue to develop Instagram for Windows 10, and there is even a new update in the Store with some improvements and support for Redsone 3 update. Windows 10 Mobile never received a true RS3 update, which means any new versions of Instagram and other apps will not work on Windows 10 Mobile and current smartphones.

Instagram’s latest update for Windows Phones added several new features, like disappearing images and Live Videos. You can continue to use Instagram on a smartphone, providing that you’ve installed it prior the removal from the Store. Third-party client 6tag is also a good option to access Instagram with basic functionality.