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More info on WP8.1 update, Lockscreen Apps & Social networks

custom lock screens for Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone Area

Windows Phone’s leader Joe Belfiore today shed more light on the upcoming updates and changes to the platform, scheduled to begin rolling out in the coming weeks. Microsoft confirmed that Windows Phone 8.1 has been finished and the company is now preparing and testing the update files fixing ongoing bugs. While the 8.1 update is already installed on new devices such as Lumia 630, 635 and Nokia Lumia 930, the older handsets will update to the latest version once Redmond finishes the work and rolls out the update directly (for unlocked units) or distribute it to the carrier for approval.

Belfiore explained that once WP8.1’s installed base grows, there will be more universal apps as more developers will be motivated to make apps that works on PCs and Windows smartphones. Revamped Facebook and Skype apps will arrive in the store in the coming weeks, possibly around the WP8.1 release date in July. At the same time, Microsoft removed the Social Network integration as the new version of the platform allows any network to be added.

Brand new Lockscreen apps will be available soon, according to Joe Belfiore. These apps that will add more customization options to the lock screen are now being tested on 1GB Windows Phones and will be released as BETAs for all users who have joined the Developer Preview program. Once the apps are polished, they will debut officially for Windows Phone 8.1 platform.

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