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Hyperlapse for Windows Phone is close to launch

Hyperlapse Windows Phone application
Windows Phone Area

A Microsoft Research Project generates smooth time-lapse videos

An interesting project Microsoft has been working on for over a year is called “Hyperlapse”. This technology uses special video algorithms to smoothen shaky videos and generates high-quality timelapses.

Last year, Microsoft hinted that this technology could be implemented in a future application and today an internal closed beta of Hyperlapse Mobile app has been spotted in the Windows Phone Store [here]

Hyperlapse for Windows Phone would allow users to convert their shaky action videos captured by smartphones or Go-Pro action cameras into very stable hyperlaplse videos.

iOS already has an app with the same name (developed by Instagram) that stabilizes videos using the gyroscope. The two apps, however, are different, as Microsoft’s Hyperlapse relies on image analysis rather than the gyroscope. Further explanation by Microsoft Research:

“Our method is fundamentally different from previous approaches. It reconstructs a full 3D camera path and world model. This enables smoothing the camera path in space-time and generating an output video with a constant-speed camera, skipping over ‘slow’ parts of the input video, such as waiting times in front of red lights. Just as importantly, our method can fill the missing regions in the video above by stitching together pixels from multiple input frames. Thanks to these two innovations we can handle much ‘wilder’ input videos, such as climbing or riding.”

Stay tuned for future news on Microsoft’s Hyperlapse project.