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HTC Camera 2.0 has new Panorama 360 feature

HTC One M8 Front back

HTC has released an update to its default camera on HTC One M8

HTC Camera app for the flagship HTC One M8 running Windows has a new version with a 360 Panorama feature capturing photos both horizontally and vertically. HTC Camera 2.0 allows you to move the camera around the axis and snap photos creating large panoramas. These panoramas can then be saved, uploaded to the cloud and sent to friends on the fly.

HTC One M8 has a very fast camera, but HTC has been criticized for the UltraPixel technology used in One M8. Although this camera has certain advantages in low-light situations, the 4MP sensor is clearly losing against rivaling sensors used in other flagships (iPhone, Lumia, Galaxy) in most scenes. Nevertheless, the One M8 is a great device and if you are looking for a top-end Windows Phone this is probably the best option right now (if not counting the Lumia 930).

Keep in mind that HTC One M8 is only available in the US and is not that cheap.

HTC Camera v.2.0