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HP’s upcoming consumer-focused phone may have a Snapdragon 6xx processor

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HP may announce the mid-range phone at MWC in February

We recently told you about a possible new HP-branded phone developed as a cooperation between HP and Microsoft. This phone was initially described as a consumer-oriented device with all Lumia-exclusive features like Glance and Double Tap. Now more details about this phone have leaked onto the Internet.

According to report at Dr.Windows, the new HP phone for early 2017 will be powered by a processor from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series. These chips offer mid-range performance but support the Continuum feature that transforms the mobile phone into an entry-level computer for Universal Windows apps. Dr. Windows speculates that such a phone may even be compatible with the current HP / Microsoft accessories for Continuum, including the Display dock and the Laptop Dock.

If the report is true, we hope that such a phone with a mid-range processor would be appropriately priced, because otherwise it can fail like the NuAns’s Kickstarter project for a Windows 10 Mobile device.