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HP Elite x3 price revealed for Europe, the US

HP Elite x3 price revealed for Europe, the US

HP plans to make first deliveries in early August

HP will sell the superphone Elite x3 in many markets around the globe, according to official documents, but the device seems to be too expensive for the regular customers. The company is preparing to release the most powerful Windows phone to date in early August, as many local HP sites have already listed the business-focused Elite x3, revealing its price.

In Sweden, the Elite X3 is already available for pre-orders for SEK 8624 which is around EUR 910 / $1005. HP Sweden will ship the device to customers within two weeks. We don’t know yet if HP will offer the handset with a stylus and a Desk Dock, or these accessories will be sold separately.

The Elite x3 has an official price in Spain. The single SIM variant costs EUR 845, while the Dual-SIM version is 882 EUR. In France the prices are EUR 839 and EUR 875, respectively.

The US customers will pay $799 for the Elite x3 if ordered through the HP ‘s official webstore, but other retailers and some carriers could also sell the phone later this year.

In the UK, the online retailer Clove has also started taking pre-orders for the HP Elite x3 for £680 with a Dock included.

HP Elite x3 will be officially sold in the following countries (source NPU):

HP Elite x3 markets countries