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How to Set Parental Controls on Netflix

How to Set Parental Controls on Netflix
  • On November 12, 2020

‘Netflix and chill’ has become a commonplace colloquialism as the streaming service offers a massive and diverse library of movies, sitcoms, TV series, documentaries, and more. Naturally, your kids and teens cannot stay away from Netflix due to the entertainment value it provides but as a responsible parent, it’s your duty to ensure they are only watching safe and age-appropriate content. Fortunately, Netflix includes parental control options that allow you to specify a certain setting.

When Netflix parental controls are in place, you can be sure that your child or teen is only watching shows and movies that are safe for their viewing. Keeping your children away from obscenely violent, sexual, or otherwise, inappropriate content is vital to ensure they don’t get normalized to such behavior. Here is how to put parental controls on ipad.

First Lock Your Own Profile

For starters, you need to ensure that your child can’t get into your profile which has admin rights and change the parental control settings of their account. That’s why you need to lock down your own profile. Log in to your Netflix account, go into your profile, and then click on ‘Account.

Go into the ‘Settings’ menu and click on ‘Parental Controls’. Here, you will be asked to enter your password. Now go to your profile and use the drop-down menu to determine the maturity settings you want for your account. Now all you need to do is put a check on the box under ‘Profile Lock’. You will need to provide a PIN which you’ll be able to use to log in to your profile.

Turn On Parental Controls in Your Child’s Profile

Once you have locked your profile, log into your child’s profile. Using the drop-down menu, pick the most age-appropriate rating for your child. These ratings are MPAA compliant and include the following:

  • TV-Y – appropriate for 6-year-olds and younger
  • TV-Y7 – appropriate for 7-year-olds and younger
  • TV-G – appropriate for a general audience
  • TV-PG – parental guidance required

If you want to give your kid control over what they do on Netflix, you can set up a ‘Netflix Kids’ account for them which brings an easy to use interface along with preventing access to Netflix settings. You can also enable profile lock for your kids where they will have to use it to log into their profile. Click ‘Apply’ to implement the changes.

Restricting Specific Movies & Shows

If you don’t want your children to watch certain movies or shows, go to your account and click on the child’s profile for which you want to restrict those movies or shows. Select ‘Viewing Restrictions’ and search for the titles you want to restrict so they show under ‘Title Restrictions’. Save your settings and exit your account.

Final Word

When it comes to Netflix, there is a lot of content on the streaming service that is clearly not age-appropriate for children and even some early teens. That’s why you need to be aware of the fact that what your children are watching and put parental controls in place wherever necessary. Luckily for parents, Netflix offers a wide range of parental supervision settings that enable them to specify what their children can and cannot watch saving them from age-inappropriate, highly violent, and sexually explicit content.