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How to reset Windows apps from the Settings menu

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How to fix problems with apps not working right

In Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile*, Microsoft allows you to quickly reset an app and delete its data, preferences and sign-in details without needing to uninstall and reinstall that app.

By doing this, you can easily fix problems with an app and restore it to its default settings, as if you’ve just fresh installed the app. Settings and stored data will be lost, but you will probably fix the problems you’ve experienced and save time by not heading to the Windows Store to download and re-install the application.

The feature ‘App Reset’ works only for Windows Store (UWP) apps, while the Desktop apps don’t have that option in Settings.

Here is how you can reset a UWP app on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile*

  1. Head to ‘Settings’ → ‘Apps’ → ‘Apps & Features’ (if you are running Windows 10 Build 14393 Anniversary Update or older, you will find the Apps & features section in Settings → System.

  2. Find the Windows app you want to restore to its default settings. Tap the ‘Reset’ button and confirm.

Reset app

*Windows 10 Mobile to get get the ‘App Reset’ functionality in the Creators Update 2017. Windows Insiders can start testing the feature in builds 15007 or later.

Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to reset traditional Desktop apps. However, you may still be able to delete an app’s data from the application settings if the developer has included that option.