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How to Promote Your App in the Windows Phone Store

How to Promote Your App in the Windows Phone Store
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Promoting your app in the Windows Store is not a difficult process when you know what’s involved.  In fact, promoting apps in the Windows Store is not unlike promoting an app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. That being said, Windows does require a slightly different approach and may require a little bit more effort, if only because there are fewer Windows Phone (WP) devices.

The following is how you can effectively promote your Windows apps in the store.

  • Release your app as early as possible and update it frequently to keep it at its best. If you want to effectively promote your app, it has to exist in the store. Users need to know it exists, but they also need to be able to download it.
  • Share the news. Tell everyone you know and beyond about your new WP app! Spread the word verbally and digitally. Post on social media and do it often. Don’t stop at one tweet, post, etc. When using twitter, be sure to use important windows-related hashtags (ex. #WP8), and share, share, share! This is how you will help spread the word.
  • Contact people who review or discuss WP apps. When possible, get others to blog about your app, review it, or even mention it.
  • Link to your app. You can direct customers to your mobile app by linking to your app’s listing page on the web and in the Windows Store. You can tweet the link, use it as an email signature, and so on.
  • Use the Windows logo. You can display the Windows Store logos in advertising so that customers know that your application is available to download from the store. You have different options. You can create a custom badge that links to your app’s Store listing or you can download the device logos and images from the Windows Store badges page.
  • Use the right promotional tools. Tools like AdDuplex, a leading cross-promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows applications, can help you cross-promote other Window Phone apps. This tool empowers developers and publishers to help each other by promoting apps for free. By cross-promoting other WP apps, in return, you will receive free advertising in these other apps.
  • Build on past success. If you already have an app, website, or blog in existence, you can cross promote to aid your new app. The products do not need to be related. The point is if you already have a platform, use it and build on your previous success to benefit your latest application.
  • Post your app on third party sites. This will help make your app more searchable, so it will be easier for consumers to find you on search engines.
  • Make your app more appealing with promo images. The Windows Store may use your app images and screenshots in a variety of layouts when featuring your app. Make sure you design these images well. They need to be carefully selected and created to best represent your Windows app and make it appealing.