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How to fix apps with update error in the Store

WIndows 10 store

Reset the apps to fix the Store errors in build 15055

Windows 10 Mobile build 15055, available in the Fast Ring, comes with some issues related to the Store. Firstly, the store itself may fail to launch and there is no known workaround to fix this. You should just wait for another Insider preview build fixing the issue. Unfortunately, you can’t reset or uninstall the store in Windows 10.

Secondly, there is a bug that can block a number of built-in /UWP apps to update in the store, causing an update error. But thanks to the new Settings in the Creators Update you can reset those apps and take the updates.

The workaround to fix update errors in the Store is to go to Settings → Apps → Apps & Features. Then scroll to the app, tap ‘Advanced options’ and click on ‘Reset‘. By doing this you will return the app to its factory state without uninstalling and installing it again from the store. This is a new option for Windows 10 introduced in the Creators Update.