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How to promote your mobile app and increase downloads

How to promote your mobile app and increase downloads

You have a fantastic mobile app, but nobody knows about it? Amidst the sheer amount of choice on the two popular platforms, namely Android and iOS, your app could be completely lost in the sea. Or your app is maybe already popular, but you want to expand its user base and the downloads even more?

There are many ways to promote your application. Let’s have a look at some of the most promising tactics.

Engage the audience

A recent study shows that the majority of the users discovers apps not through the app store, but via external sources like Social media. Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channels would allow you to engage the audience and create buzz. Promoting apps on social media could happen through paid ads, via peer recommendations, or through other techniques like encouraging users to participate in games or competitions.

Create videos

How-to videos and tutorials are important for catching and retaining the audience. Your app could increase in popularity thanks to sources like YouTube, Vimeo or other video portals where you can easily upload promotional videos, add hashtags and draw more traffic to the landing page. Update your video channel at least once per month.

Description and screenshots are important

Even though the app discoveries through the app stores are less than 50%, do not overlook the importance of the descriptions and the screenshots. All problems the app solves should be clearly stated in the description. Speak directly to your target audience, not to the general public some generic things. Take great screenshots and show that your app has pleasant aesthetics. Even a potential killer app could get lost among millions of other poorly advertised services.

Reach out bloggers

Content marketing is an effective tool to boost your web presence and attract new customers. Good media coverage could introduce your brand to the target audience. Reach out popular tech bloggers who can review your app and send valuable feedback for potential changes and improvements.

Invest in support

Bug-free experience is crucial for retaining customers and expanding the user base. Flawless apps with no crashes will definitely make your company stand out from the crowd. Respond to support tickets in time and respect your customers.

The Create.App educational project has a very helpful article explaining the ways to promote your app for free. However, many of those suggestions require some considerable amount of manual work. For those, who have some advertising budget and wants to save time, there are many new ways to promote your app via automated campaigns. Alternatively, you can use Bing Ads from Microsoft, or Google Ads.

Keep in mind that no matter how good your app is, if your promotional activities are weak, not many users would be able to find and download it.