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Hide Files and Folders using this UWP app

hide files and folders
  • On February 13, 2017

How to hide files in Windows 10 Mobile

Hiding local files on Windows 10 Mobile is impossible on a system level. But you can easily secure and hide any file or folder you want using this new UWP app for Windows 10.

Hide Files & Folder does just exactly what the name implies and no more. This simple UWP app can be installed on PC and Phones running Windows 10, allowing you to import photos, videos or whole folders to the app’s own storage folder.

The app has a simple interface. Open it, add folders or files. Then go to ‘Settings’ to create a password for the app, so nobody could access the hidden files you’ve just imported. Once you enter the password you can lock and unlock the files at any time, and even view them from the app. You can also export them back to the local drive.

hide files and folders

Keep in mind that files imported to ‘Hide Files & Folders’ won’t be automatically deleted from the local drive. But if you delete the original files from the drive and then uninstall the app, your hidden files will be lost.

Overall, this is a very simple but efficient app for Windows 10 Mobile, allowing you to set a password for files & folders, and lock them anytime.

Download the app for free.