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Groove Music streaming service to be retired in favor of Spotify

Spotify Groove Music
  • On October 3, 2017

Microsoft retires its music streaming service

Microsoft announced the Groove Music app two years ago, allowing Windows users to stream music and purchase songs directly from the stock music player. The company updated the Groove Music app several times, adding new functionalities and improving the old features. However, the app never attracted customers with its music streaming features, and most of us open Groove Music only to play local files.

Microsoft is now announcing that Groove Music passes to stream music will be discontinued on December 31st and from January 1st 2018 Groove Music will no longer stream music.

The company will allow current Groove Music subscribers to move their playlists to Spotify. An upcoming update for Groove will enable the playlist transfer, which must be made until January 31 2018.

Groove Music will remain the stock music player in Windows 10 so you can continue accessing local MP3 files or music uploaded in OneDrive.

Groove Music apps for iOS and Android will also retire the music streaming feature on December 31, and they may also be pulled from the app stores as only a few users would probably use them as a simple mp3 player.