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Great apps for your Windows phone

Windows Phones 2014
  • On September 19, 2017


Although Windows phones may not be competing with Apple and Android right now, the customer fanbase and OEM market is still helping Microsoft’s phones and OS to remain popular, with millions of daily app downloads to Windows smartphones. We’ve taken a look at 5 of the best, with a focus on the diverse experience available on Windows phones from entertainment to daily life.

Food & Drink – Yummly

This fantastic food recipe app isn’t particularly new, but the list of lunches, snacks, breakfast ideas and gorgeous desserts is a great way to provide some evening meal ideas for singles, families, or those hosting guests, The best part is that Yummly is free, meaning you can throw away those old recipe books and come up with brand new meal ideas without having to spend a penny.

Music – Spotify

The ultimate music companion, Spotify has made the need to download MP3s or buy albums pointless, with pretty much every song ever written available to stream at any time. The lightweight app is easy to use and has plenty of options to build playlists and shuffle your favourite songs, ideal for the commute into work or to make a house party a bit livelier. The app is free to download and can be used without having to pay, but the features are limited and there are adverts. Prices vary, but Spotify premium is £9.99 per month and is worth every penny.

Chat – WhatsApp

Without a doubt the most popular instant messaging app out there, WhatsApp has transformed the way we text, share images and videos and organise our daily lives. The app is incredibly easy to use and takes up little to no space, but your Windows phone will probably fill up quickly with those unnecessary group chat selfies that come with downloading WhatsApp. Currently free, but with potential future plans for an annual subscription or other monetisation to take advantage of the estimated 900 million global users.

Gaming – 888poker

Playing an exciting game of poker online doesn’t have to happen at home now, with 888poker’s mobile app now enabling gamers to play a hand on the go. With a brilliantly designed interface, easy logins, navigation and great dealer / opponent interaction, the 888poker app is the best out there for gambling fans. Free to download, although you’ll naturally need to have an 888 account and funds to play with!

Weather – Accuweather

Stop listening to the useless guys on TV guessing what tomorrow will look like and take a quick look at Accuweather. Simply the best weather app out there, the service collects data from multiple weather forecast services and provides an easy to understand outlook, even into the next few weeks. Make sure location services is enabled on your Windows phone to get the weather near you instantly.

Keep up to date with the latest app updates and Windows phone news to ensure you don’t miss out on exciting new stuff to make your life that little easier!