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GPS navigator recorder lets you trace and save a route in your Windows Phone

GPS Navigator Recorder
  • On September 30, 2015

Windows Phone users can replay a route on the map

Gps navigator recorder is a free app that can be a great alternative to the traditional navigation systems for the platform such as Windows Maps and HERE. The app has many interesting features like a compass, GPS navigation, the ability to see webcams nearby your position, and four modes of operation.

GPS Navigator Recorder can trace a route on the map and save it in the device. Then you can replay an itinerary (on a map), export and import the route track and store the file on OneDrive.

Each stored route includes information about latitude, longitude, altitude and more, while you can launch HERE maps on your location to search for places (bars, shops, etc.)

The app has four modes: 1) A simple compass synchronized with a map, 2) Follow me and draw a route (the route between A and B is recorded and then saved), 3) Follow me and don’t draw a route, and 4) Replay Route on the map (you can repeat previously stored routes).

You can grab the GPS Navigator Recorder app for free from the Windows Phone Store.

[Download link]