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GPS monitor & webcam is a free navigation app with directions

GPS monitor & webcam is a free navigation app with directions

With this excellent travel tool with Webcams and Maps you can find a point of interest or set d/a point on the drive navigator apps. The webcams are retrieved through It is a service designed to offer users the ability to view world webcams of tourist places. The weather data are retrieved through open

In this way, you can discover a webcam and then see the weather data from the nearest station. Or you can find a weather station (your position or city), and then see the nearby webcams. On the start screen you have: your position, nearby webcams, new webcams, popular webcams. Through the map button on the start screen, will be shown a map with your current position. You can select a destination point and then trace the route or show the nearby webcam. You can scroll the list, and if you tap on a webcam/item it will be opened a new screen with the webcam detail. You can view each webcam on a map, if you wish you can trace a route from your position to the webcam position. You have also weather condition of any webcam.
Through the menu on the start screen, you can see weather of your position or the weather by city.

The maps are very simple, and if you want more data you can launch the HERE app (NOKIA HERE DRIVE APPS, NOKIA HERE MAPS APPS, NOKIA HERE TRANSIT), through the buttons in the menu. In the detail screen you can also launch: gMaps APPS. In this way, you can see additional data, for example Google traffic layer.

The app offers many features:
1) Your position
2) A map with your position, destination point, route
3) Nearby, news, popular webcams
4) Detail screen with webcam image
5) Weather data of your position or by city
6) Weather data of any webcam
7) Share a webcam image through 6tag/instagram
8) Webcam bookmark
9) Primary tile with meteo condition (city or webcam)
10) Secondary tile with webcam image

IMPORTANT: within the screen settings there are some options:
“Enable GPS accuracy” and “Enable temp. Celsius.
“Selecting the first item, we’ll have a detailed GPS accuracy.
Selecting the second item, we’ll have temperatures in Celsius.

GPS Monitor & Webcam is a free Windows Phone app. It can be downloaded from the link below.
Download Link