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Google will be disabled as default search on some Lumia devices

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Setting Google as a default search engine has been disabled on some of the latest Lumia models by Microsoft. The function is still in use for the majority of the Windows phones due to an option by Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.0. Windows took control of Nokia’s phone business later this year and its first models Lumia 630 and 930 are missing the option on Windows Phone 8.1 and some European devices. The default settings by Microsoft have never allowed users to make Google their searching engine but the options on Internet Explorer make it possible. Otherwise, customers should manually navigate to the search engine or use the Bing default.

The option for Google to be chosen as a searching engine has been offered even by Nokia and is still working. Existing mobile phones, even those with Windows Phone 8.1, will keep this function. But tests of the new Lumia 630 and Lumia 930 show that they lack the Google option. Nevertheless, some European pieces of these models work with Google. The company is at law in the US with the accusation of forcing mobile phone producers to use its searching engine by default on Android devices.

Despite all, Google allows Android users to choose between several searching engines and does not make its customers use one of them by force. We’ve put trough Microsoft for comment and will give you more info soon.

via The Verge