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Glance and Motion data updated for Windows 10 Mobile

Glance Screen Motion Data
Windows Phone Area

Windows 10 UI design for Glance and Motion data menus

Microsoft continues to improve Windows 10 Mobile OS by releasing new updates to many of the core apps and settings. After updating ‘Touch’ with the new UI, the company has released updates for two other sections found in Settings → Extras.

The Glance Screen Menu for Windows 10 mobile has been finally adapted to the OS – it now includes modern sliders and some tweaks in the Settings. Instead of selecting Off, Peek, Interval or Always on, in Windows 10 Mobile you will have just one Mode with four options – Off, 30 seconds, 15 minutes, and Always On. In addition to those changes mentioned above, the fonts appearing on the Glance Screen may look better, depending on the phone you have.

Motion Data has been updated to ‘Lumia Motion Data’ with the new Windows 10 interface. You can control how the phone collects data about your move, see your activity on a map, see recent places and routes, and more.