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You forget where you park your car? Park It app for Windows Phone will remind you!

Car inside

Sometimes it happens to anyone, when for example, you are in the mall shopping, it is hard to remember the bay number you have or the floor, it is nothing unusual actually. In that case if you are a Windows Phone user, you definitely need an app called Park it!

Briefly it is an app, which reminds you where you parked your car, by saving the location of it. It is very useful app, because you can add notes (about the parking lot) in it. To make sure you won’t forget where your car is, the amazing app also gives setup reminders, and if you want, can give you the exact directions to your parking spot! To put it in a simple way-Park It is created to remind you where your car is-is a reminder app, which saves the location of it, along with a photo of the spot if you choose this option.

park it now app for windows phone 8 and windows phone 8.1

The list of options it includes is highly varied: a “live tile”-if you need a map with your spot, and information about the distance to your car; to remind you of the exact spot we offer you “the reminders”; you could also take a photo of the spot with the option which includes “photos”;address look up saves your parking location, and if you forget it we will send it back to you; if the car is in a big parking lot, it is hard to locate it-we have a solution known as “augmented reality view”; The amazing app is available for free in Windows Phone Store, but it goes along with ads, you can easily remove for $ 0.99 only!

Download Park It, via Winbeta