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Flipboard pulls support for Windows phones

Flipboard logo windows phone

The Windows 10 Desktop app will remain in the store

Lack of activity in the Windows mobile market forced many developers to abandon their apps for Windows phones. The latest big name leaving the Windows Phone Store is Flipboard. Announced three years ago, in times when Windows Phone 8.1 was still relevant and quite popular OS, Flipboard is now pulling support for Windows mobile devices and the app is no longer available for download, probably because of low-usage.

Microsoft already ended support for Windows Phone 8.1, effectively leaving 80% of the Windows mobile users without major apps such as Skype, and forcing them to buy a new smartphone. Meanwhile, those 20% on Windows 10 Mobile will remain supported for two more years, till the end of 2019.

The company, however, is working on new mobile experiences based on the modular version of Windows 10 for ARM – Andromeda.

Will Andromeda save Windows on mobile?