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FitBit wearables coming to Windows Phone

FitBit force accessories for fitness

The leading producer of wearable devices FitBit has announced support for Windows Phone operating system. The company that has a strong connection with Apple is now working on a companion app that will make all wearables compatible with Microsoft’s platform.

FitBit has a number of devices such as clip-ons and smart watches allowing users to perform fitness –related tasks. These devices don’t have screens so they must sync with the smartphone app to show you how healthy your lifestyle is.

While in terms of apps the Windows Phone Store has closed the gap between itself and its major rivals Android and iOS, building support for companion accessories is an ongoing task. As the wearable market has become a hot-topic, support from FitBit and other players is very important for the OS future.

Microsoft announced in April that the new update will allow developers to create apps that connect directly to the platform. The WP 8.1 update is included in the new Windows Phones – Lumia 630, 635 and Nokia Lumia 930, while the older models will be updated to the latest version later this summer.