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First video showing Cortana running on Windows 10 Desktop PC  

Cortana for Windows 10 on PCs
  • On December 6, 2014

Early version of Cortana for PC revealed in video  

A pre-release version of Cortana for PCs has appeared for the first time ever in a video published by WinBeta. As you probably know Microsoft will include Cortana in the Windows 10 OS, a system that will bring similar experience to all devices. While the current Windows 10 Technical Preview doesn’t have Cortana, Winbeta has managed to get an early version of the assistant and reveal some of her capabilities.

Although this is an unfinished product and lots changes will be made in the coming months, Cortana on PCs is doing almost everything the current mobile version do – time and location reminders, opening apps, playing music, telling weather, calling friends on Skype, and more. Voice recognition and understanding is excellent but sometimes she responds with a robotic voice.

Personality features like chit-chatting and answering questions are missing while the interface is obviously unfinished but this is a promising start. Microsoft is expected to announce a Consumer preview of Windows 10 in early 2015 and we expect Cortana to look much better in the final Consumer release sometime in early Summer 2015.

Source: Winbeta