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Is this the first photo of Nokia Lumia 530?

Nokia logo in blue / white

GeekOnGadgets published a low-res photo showing a device that is believed to be the upcoming low-entry Nokia Lumia 530. Yet unannounced Lumia 520’s follow-up made an early appearance on GFX benchmark described as having an 800 x 480 pixel resolution and Adreno graphics.

Such a low-end device is real and exists under the codename ‘Nokia Rock’, according to @evleaks. The phone is set to arrive in USA for T-Mobile. For the time being, the information is rather scarce in terms of specs, price and availability. It’s believed that the phone will have a screen between 4 and 4.3-inches, on-screen soft buttons, low-entry processor, and Windows Phone 8.1. It looks like there won’t be a front facing camera and a dedicated camera button on the Lumia 530.

In terms of design, the picture shows slightly tweaked body design with more rounded edges than the previous models (Nokia Lumia 520 & 525).

Nokia Lumia 530 possible first photo