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The first dual-boot Windows-Android phone may be coming this year?

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Coship says it is working on a dual-boot smartphone

One of Microsoft’s hardware partners with an experience with Windows phones, has announced plans to release a dual-boot device. The Chinese OEM Coship responded on Facebook that the company is working on a smartphone that runs both Windows 10 Mobile and Android at the same time. Devices with two operating systems are not something new, but we’ve so far only seen tablet PCs that can switch between Android and Windows through a boot menu.

However, releasing such a mobile device would be very challenging, as additional work need to be done to sync content between the phone-specific apps for two operating systems. Another problem would be the resistance from both Google and Microsoft, which so far have ruled out the possibility for creation of such a device.

We will keep an eye on Coship for a possible dual-boot phone, but we will remain skeptic on that option. This is not the first time we have heard about a dual-booting smartphone, but nothing has happened so far.

What do you think about a phone that loads both Windows and Android?