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The first Desktop apps have arrived in the Windows Store

ios and android apps coming to windows 10

Universal Windows apps from existing Win32 apps now available

Microsoft announces that the first Universal Windows Apps converted from Desktop / Win32/.NET applications are not available in the Store. Evernote, PhotoScape, Arduino, Voya Media, Predicted Desire, korAccount, Relab, Virtual Robotics Kit, and other application can now be downloaded directly from the Windows Store.

Microsoft hopes that many of the existing Desktop apps will be converted to UWP apps in the coming months as more developers see the benefits of using the Desktop Bridge to bring their apps to the Universal Windows Platform and target millions of potential users.

While the first Win32/.NET apps in the Store are available only for Windows 10 PC, in the future some of them could be enriched with unique Windows 10 features and then brought to Mobile, Xbox and even HoloLens.

Read more about the Desktop Bridge here.