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Fedora Reader receives first update

Fedora Reader app Windows Phone 2015

Fedora Reader is a modern RSS reader with Windows 10-inspired design

The recently launched RSS feed reader on Windows 8.1 and Windows phone 8.1, Fedora Reader, has received its first update. Version is now live in the Store, fixing some issues with deleted feeds and devices with on-screen buttons.

Fedora Reader looks very Windows 10-like with modern buttons and thin fonts. The app is very light (less than 1 MB to install), and feeds load quickly. The UI is non-traditional but quite interesting. Instead of using the controversial hamburger menu at the top left corner or the Windows menu bar at the bottom, the app developer has used a side-bar swiping in from the left side. Depending on from what page you swipe the sidebar gives access to different settings.

From the main screen you can see all sources you have added, while the sidebar allows you to add new feeds, refresh, mark all feeds as read, see / add curated feeds, and access settings to change the theme to light, dark or ‘time of day’.

After clicking on an article to read it, the menu reveals new options such as the ability to change the font size, open in browser, add to favorites, or share the article on social media, via email, or add it to OneNote.

The same interface and experience is on Windows 8.1 and feeds sync between both apps (for PC/tablets and phones).

Download Fedora Reader