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What features make a great app?

What features make a great app?
  • On July 21, 2016

With developers submitting over 1,000 apps to app stores each day, it’s fascinating to see which apps are going to find a global audience, and which are going to fall by the wayside.

So here’s a look at how certain apps have become big hits amongst Windows users in terms of how they help productivity, provide easier gaming fun, or even create some stunning visuals and audio.

Despite the incredible range of apps that are available, it’s still our internet browsers that form a large part of our time online. And one of the most popular browser apps, Google Chrome, has succeeded by not only offering the best browsing experience for Windows, but by seamlessly integrating with the brand’s Chromecast device to allow for a much simpler way to stream media to your TV whether it’s the latest blockbuster movie, or even a simple casino game.

It’s also clear that the most successful entertainment apps are the ones that offer the simplest interface. Whilst the VLC Media Player may not be as glamorous as many apps, it’s become a massive hit by providing an easy way to play a massive amount of media at just the push of a button.

Another big factor behind the rise of these groundbreaking apps is that they are available for free. It’s a model that’s quickly become the norm in the app world with social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, and media providers like Spotify and Netflix all providing a free way to download and install these user-friendly apps.

The gaming world is one that’s been particularly keen to adopt this pricing strategy with simple puzzle games like Color Switch and even the hunter’s lobby favourite Raging Rhino slots game at Mr Smith Casino offering free entertainment whilst catering perfectly for the smaller screens.

And much as the casino games offer an interesting take on real-life experiences, other apps have succeeded in making seemingly complex tasks suddenly incredibly simple. For example, popular music apps such as Music Maker Jam provide a way for even the most tone-deaf user to create some groundbreaking mixes and really get the party started.

Whereas transforming your quick smartphone snapshot into a great work of art with Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows proves that simplicity and a user-friendly interface will always be key ingredients of any world-beating app.