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More features and changes to Cortana

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A few days ago we reported on some new features and improvements spotted in Cortana Windows Phone virtual assistant but these features were quickly rolled back as if Microsoft was just testing the refreshments on selected Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview devices. Now, WPCentral reports that a few users have noticed more changes and we have a screenshot as a proof.

Cortana changes new features for WIndows phone 8.1

According to users, Cortana now speaks back your name when asked “What is my name?”. She displays Stock information from Bing Finance, has a new Live Tile and animated weather icons. Furthermore, Cortana Windows Phone assistant responds to selected inquiries and has new polished layouts for news and sports with smaller fonts. Eat + Drink now has more features with an option to select favorite foods.

More Quiz options have been added in settings so Cortana will learn more about you and your personal interests. It also seems that Jane Taylor’s voice has been polished as it sounds less robotic than before especially in chit-chats. We reported that Cortana will be updated more often than expected, which will be possible thanks to her server / HTML5 nature – than means Microsoft will be able to roll out updates to the server and you don’t need to install updates on your Windows Phones.

We learn that Cortana will be coming to China and the United Kingdom in the coming weeks, while Redmond is planning to launch the service for other platforms including Windows 8 PC and Xbox One at a later stage.

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