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Facebook releases a beta version of Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile

Instagram Windows 10 Mobile

The new app is ported from iOS

Two days after we saw a hands-on video of the new Instagram for Windows 10, the app is available to download for the general public as a BETA (again).

Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile has been ported from iOS using Facebook’s own tools, but the app is still in BETA so you could expect some glitches. According to the changelog, the known issues are: Facebook login is not working; Sharing is not working; Sudden crashes.

Overall, if not counting the issues, the new Instagram looks like a full-featured app. The app starts and resumes faster even than the great Instagram client 6tag.

Instagram for Windows looks and behaves like its iOS counterpart. That means you have features like swipe to back, and 3D touch (long-press). All other goodies are also here: video upload, manage filters, full-size photo uploads, and more.

We hope that Facebook will regularly update the app to fix all problems and finally remove the BETA tag. The original Instagram for Windows Phone is still in BETA and the app hasn’t seen an update for a long time. The company is yet to announce if Instagram for Windows 10 will work only on mobile phones, or support for Desktop is coming in the future.

Download the first Instagram BETA app for Windows 10 Mobile from the link below.

Instagram [Windows 10]