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Explanation of Smart Dual Sim on Lumia

dual SIM Lumia 530 live tiles
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Microsoft would like it if you had to buy several Lumia devices for your different SIM-cards. The following explanation shows that due to the Smart Dual SIM’s you don’t need to do it.

The newest Lumia 530, as well the 630 model have two SIM slots but they are not just like ordinary phones – they are smart.

Why are they smart?

When you are using one of the SIM`s on a normal phone, you might miss some important calls on the other one. One of the program managers says that with the new Smart Dual Sim you could be reached on both SIM cards at the same time. The smartphones are still equipped with one radio but the calls on the second SIM are forwarded to the one that you’re using at the moment. The communication between the two SIM cards does not depend on which one you are using.

Some of the advantages of two SIM cards on one device

At first place, you have the option to save money. For example, you can use the two cards for different networks or plans and thus to save money by choosing the more suitable one when you make a call.

Another advantage of Dual SIM is the greater chance to make or receive a call in case of being at a place with less network coverage.

In addition, having a Dual SIM phone allows you to carry just one device when having to operate with a personal phone and another one for work. That’s really practical.

Working with two SIM’s on one device is also really simple. The menus for the two cards appear with different colors on the screen of your Lumia device. Furthermore, you can give them any name you want.

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