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Exclusive HP apps revealed for the Elite x3

hp elite x3 docked

HP Elite x3 to have double-tap to wake

The 6-inch business-focused Elite X3 includes some exclusive apps made by HP. These apps will be pre-loaded only on the HP superphone, and will remain hidden for the rest of the Windows Phones. has managed to find screenshots of these apps.

HP Elite x3 has its own ‘HP Settings‘ menu that allows users to customize the phone’s display and turn on features like ‘Double tap to wake‘. Other options in the menu are ‘Tilt to remain on’ and ‘Iris Anti-spoofing’ for protection against iris spoofing attempts.

hp display

More customization options can be found in ‘HP Display Tools‘. The app features the ability to prevent screen lock for a certain time, and to set how long the screen remains bright before it dims. These two features in the HP Display Tools should be very useful when the phone is docked in Continuum mode.

HP has also developed some other apps like ‘Voice Recorder‘, HP Device Hub for online diagnostic and support, and HP Workspace for enterprise users who want to run virtualized x86 apps.