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Evernote for Windows Phone to be discontinued this month

Evernote available for Windows Phone 8, provides new features
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Evernote won’t be available to download from June 29

The app will be deleted from the Store for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and 10, but those of you who already have it installed on the phone can continue to use it after the date June 29.

Evernote has officially announced the end of support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms. Both mobile OS had a relatively strong presence in the past, but they’ve both lost the war against Android and iOS, resulting in many developers dropping support for their apps.

According to the press-release:

As of June 29, 2017, we’ll be discontinuing support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. If you currently use Evernote on these platforms, you may continue to do so. Evernote, however, will no longer be available for download on these devices and we won’t be making any further updates.

Evernote already has a Windows 10 PC app in the Store, but if you want to use the app on a Windows phone you’d better hit the download link below and install the app before it disappears from the Store. You can use Microsoft’s OneNote app for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.