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Even better level of security in Windows 10

Windows 10 logo in blue
  • On October 23, 2014

Built-in security features for PCs and mobile devices

The main factor that distinguishes Windows Phone from competitors is its enhanced security which makes the platform suitable for enterprises and users who wants to be more protected. With Windows 10, Microsoft will bring a plethora of security improvements to all devices, and most of them will be built-in in the platform.

Microsoft is working on a multi-factor security for Windows 10, something available only in smartcards. Multi-factor security will come built-in with Windows 10, so customers won’t need to install additional security software on their devices.

Each device can be enrolled for the service, becoming one of the two elements for authentication. The second element is either PIN or biometric. If the enrolled device is a phone it behaves like a remote smart-card and offers users two-stage authentication for local or remote access.

Windows 10’s security will provide the same experience on all Microsoft smartphones and other phones running the new version of the platform. Improved protection in accessing protected files across different platforms and devices, controlling which apps to access corporate data, and much more will be coming to all supported Windows phones in 2015.

Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones is expected to become available in the first quarter of 2015.

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