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Elite x3 comes with a stylus, support for Verizon questionable

HP Elite x3 stylus

HP offers a stylus with natural writing

There has been many news around the HP Elite x3 smartphone lately, and now we learn other interesting details from HP. The company has developed a stylus for the Elite X3 that will be sold separately to interested parties.

The stylus made of aluminum has a size of 137.92 x 9.5 mm and includes a rubber tip. Each customer who buys the Elite x3 Passive Stylus will get three replacement tips for free. HP describes the stylus as ‘natural’ and ‘smooth’ for writing against the phone’s display.

Meanwhile, we also get official information about the operating bands of the smartphone, and based on them we learn that the X3 may not work on Verizon Wireless. According to HP, the phone doesn’t support LTE band 13, which means the carrier needs to approve the device to work on the network. Other carriers in the US should not have problems with the Elite x3: