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Edge has the longest battery life compared with Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox
Windows Phone Area

Microsoft posts videos to show how Edge beats Chrome and Firefox

Edge is not even close to the popularity of Google Chrome, as the Microsoft browser is currently used on only one in six Windows 10 machines. At the same time, Chrome is being used by around 60% of the users, despite the fact that Microsoft is making some good improvements and introduces new features to its browser.

Two newly posted videos explain why Edge is the best browser for the Windows 10 users. Microsoft has performed a battery test to compare the power efficiency of Edge, Chrome and Firefox, testing them on three identical machines – the Surface Book. The first video shows how Microsoft Edge lasts 63% longer than Mozilla and 19% longer than Chrome in streaming an HD video.

The second video informs why Microsoft Edge is faster, safer and better compared to the competition. In a blog post, we learn that Edge is up to 48% faster, and is capable of blocking 18% more phishing sites compared with Chrome.

What do you think about the progress Microsoft is making Windows 10’s browser?