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Edge Extensions have a dedicated section in the Microsoft Store app

  • On March 13, 2018

Microsoft Store app now has a tab for Edge Extensions

Microsoft is improving the way it promotes the Edge Extensions in the Windows Store. Starting with version 11802.1001.8.0, the company is testing a more prominent spot in the app – as a dedicated tab. The new tab for browser extensions, however, is not visible for everyone running the latest version just yet as the company is probably rolling out the feature as a test flight to selected users.

Windows Central has found a screenshot of the Store app with the Edge extension tab next to the Books category. This new section should make the extensions far more visible than before. Edge Extension page is broken up into categories like Productivity, Ad Blockers, and others.

Microsoft has slowly increased the number of extensions in the Store over the past year, so promoting them more heavily now does make sense. You’d better update your Store app to the latest version to see if the Edge Extensions are available as a dedicated category for you. If not, you can do nothing but wait until the A/B test finishes and the feature rolls out to everyone.