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How to download offline Maps in Windows 10

How to download offline Maps in Windows 10
Windows Phone Area

Get directions even without an Internet connection

In Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile you could use the ‘Maps’ app even without a connection to the Internet, get directions, explore specific areas in a country, and more. All you have to do is to download the map of the desired country.

Open the ‘Maps’ app on Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile. Tap on the () menu and click on ‘Settings’.

Maps Settings

Tap on the ‘Choose maps’ button and you will open the ‘Offline Maps’ settings.

Under ‘Offline Maps’, click on ‘Download Maps’. You will see a list with the continents. Select the continent and then the country you want to download an offline map for. Next to the country is the size of the map in MB. Click on the country to start downloading.

For some countries you will see an additional menu to select a specific region. You can select all regions or any of them you wish. You can also change where you store offline maps – hard disc drive, internal storage, SD card, etc.

*tip: Under ‘Map Updates’ section, you should enable ‘Automatically update maps’. Then you can be sure that your maps are always up to date.

Now you can get directions on your phone, tablet or PC, even without an internet connection. There is one huge advantage of the Windows 10’s Maps app over the competition, as it allows you to download the map of an entire country, rather than just a small portion of the map. Moreover, you can keep the map on the device as long as you wish, without the map is automatically cleared after a certain period of time.