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Further details of Cortana, it calls you by name

cortana first look

One of the key elements of Windows Phone 8.1 appears to be Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant named after a popular Halo character. With numerous publications regarding Cortana’s functionalities leaked over the past months we got a pretty clear picture of Windows Phone 8.1’s digital assistant. Now, a new publication by The Verge reveals further details of Cortana.

According to Tom Warren, Cortana will be presented as a circular animated icon, replacing Bing’s built-in search functionality. Taking the form of a circular icon, Cortana will animate while performing various tasks such as speaking and thinking. Users will be able to ask Cortana by voice or to enter queries using the keyboard. It appears that Cortana is much more than a search tool as it will provide reminders and suggestions based on personal data.

Microsoft’s digital assistant is based on the same knowledge repository that powers all Bing products but the system will give consumers a lot more. As Cortana analyzes personal data the system will be able to provide more tailored and informed inferences about users, their activities and habits.

cortana digital assistant Windows phone 8.1 settings

The digital assistant can be turned on or off while users control whether Cortana calls them by name or not and control whether it accesses relevant information mentioned in users’ emails. The last feature is similar to Google Now, providing information and reminders about flights, trips and meetings.

Source: The Verge