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Dell stops making Android tablets, focuses on the growing 2-in-1 Windows segment

dell venue pro 11

Dell ditches Android to focus on Windows

The traditional tablet market has declined by 21% in the last quarter, according to IDC and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. As many customers now prefer 2-in-1s, the growth of the Windows devices is inevitable. The 2-in-1 market has grown by over 70% for a year, after devices like Surface, MateBook, Lenovo, and others become popular among the users. These products will lead the new ‘hybrid’ market, while the conventional tablets will continue to shrink slowly.

That’s why Dell has decided to discontinue its Venue line-up based on Android and focus entirely on the growing 2-in-1 Windows devices. Dell also reveals that the existing Android tablets will get no more updates in the future.

According to Dell, these 2-in-1s have many advantages over the conventional tablets without a  versatile 360-degree hinge, a stand or keyboard. First of all, they are built for productivity and allow people work on the go. They are also flexible and perfect for users who want a little bit of everything – a tablet and a PC. Dell has recently announced a new line-up of 2-in-1s based on Windows.

Source: PCWorld