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Cortana starts showing non-English words

Cortana Voice assistant for Windows Phone 8.1
  • On November 2, 2014

Microsoft is speeding up the release process for new features

Cortana and other major MS’s products launched first in the US and the expanded to other countries. While this a logical decision determined by the fact that the US market is of utmost importance for the biggest companies (Apple, Microsoft, Google, and others), many non-US users feel like they are ‘second class’ citizens being able to use new features months after they are launched in the States.

Hopefully, the situation is about to change soon. Joe Belfiore and Marcus Ash both said that Microsoft is speeding up the release process of new products, features and services for international users.

Cortana Windows phone assistant, which is officially available in 5 countries, will soon offer all those features available in the US to the international users.

Users in France, Italy and Germany have already noticed changes in Cortana’s appearance. She now shows some features like reminders and locations in Italian, French and German even if all phones have been set to US English in order to get the service working with non-US devices.

This is a sign that the international launch is imminent and users can soon use a full-featured Cortana in their local language.