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Cortana recommends local events from Eventful

eventful screen
  • On August 11, 2014

Microsoft’s clever assistant, Cortana, is constantly learning more techniques to provide better search results and make your life easier. The latest feature is hidden under Cortana’s Interests List, which now has an option to show you nearby events by pulling data directly from Eventful’s database.

Eventful provides a comprehensive database of concerts, sports, nightlife, entertainment, and more events around you. With more than 21 million registered users, Eventful is now expanding to Windows Phone platform, so you can rely on Cortana to find out what is happening in your city.

Open API allows other companies to leverage Eventful’s data and the number of licensees is already over 7000. Eventful has won several prestigious awards including OMMA for best online campaign, while the company has been listed amongst the top 100 for 2012.

Right now the service integrates with Cortana Windows Phone assistant to make our platform even better.