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Cortana now translates between 38 languages

Cortana translator

Microsoft Translator has been integrated with Cortana

Microsoft has a very capable Translator app for PC and phones, but the company is working hard to integrate the technology into other services such as Skype. Months ago, the messaging and voice calling app got built-in translation tools, based on Microsoft’s Translator capabilities.

Now the technology has been integrated with Windows 10, so all users who are running U.S. or Chinese editions of Windows 10 can get instant translations into almost 40 languages by simply saying “Hey Cortana, translate… “ or “How to say…”, followed by the word or the sentence. Then Cortana does the translation work, displays the translated phrase on the screen, and say it by voice (not for all languages). In addition to voice input, users can type their request in the taskbar.

Cortana can now translate on phones, tablets and PCs, eliminating the need to open a standalone translation app. Keep in mind that in order to benefit from Cortana and her multilingual skills you need to set your region settings to United States or China. The good news is that Microsoft has promised that more regions will be added in the near future.

Source: msdn